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The Center for Attention & Learning will close on September 29, 2017.
If Dr. Bailey returns to practice, a notice will be placed on this page.
See this letter from Dr. John Bailey and see our FAQ about the transition process.


To My Patients and the Parents of My Patients:

After over forty years of medical practice, it is time for me to make a change in my life and work.  I have decided to close the Center for Attention & Learning.  Our last day of operation will be September 29, 2017.

The burden of the American medical system now weighs heavily on many physicians, most especially solo practitioners.  The sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship is increasingly violated, limiting my treatment options and compromising the level of the medical care I was taught to provide you.  As you would expect, I have a mixture of emotions about this decision.

I have yet to determine whether I will remain in limited practice or retire fully.  If the C.A.L. returns as a small practice, it will probably be in Baldwin County.  Should that happen before the end of this year, there will be an announcement on our website, www.CALofMobile.com, but if it occurs later, you will have to search me out.  The possibility remains that a psychiatrist may be found to take over our current office, but you should not assume that will happen.

I respect and care about all of you, and many of you have become trusted friends.  Candice and I will miss being able to help and support you and your children.  You have learned many things here; please use that knowledge well with your future physicians.  Insist on receiving the highest quality of care so that you may continue to grow and do well.

The process of transferring nearly a thousand patients will be difficult, and sadly I will not be able to make specific referrals.  I am notifying you early; each of you needs a physician, and continuity of care is important.  Unfortunately, there are few psychiatric and ADHD specialists in the Mobile area, and you must act quickly first to evaluate their ability to treat you and then to secure a place in their practice.

I have included a sheet of important details about the closing of our office.  Please read it carefully as it will help you make this transition.  For a limited time, your records are available to be copied for your next physician.

Stay strong.  Pay attention!  🙂  May God richly bless you all.



John I. Bailey, Jr., M.D.

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