Meet Dr. John Bailey

Dr. John I. Bailey, Jr. is the “dean” of ADHD treatment physicians in Alabama. In 1995, he founded our state’s first specialty clinic for ADHD, the Center for Attention & Learning. Since then, Dr. Bailey’s practice has expanded to four states across the Gulf Coast and to many conditions associated with ADHD. He has lectured and educated patients and physicians nearby and nationally.

Dr. Bailey is a graduate of the University of Alabama where he was a Distinguished Arts & Sciences Scholar and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and other college academic honorary societies. His MD degree was earned at the University of Alabama School of Medicine in 1975.

Like his grandfather, a Georgia country doctor in the 1920’s, Dr. Bailey first practiced primary care. He completed residency at the Medical College of Virginia (now VCU), became board-certified in Family Medicine, and returned to Mobile for 19 years of primary-care medicine, seeing patients of all ages in the office, hospital, ER, and even on house calls.

Despite that success, he was called to specialize in ADHD and related conditions. At a time when there were only four ADHD clinics in the South, he had a long “talk with God,” restricted his practice to psychiatry, obtained special education in that field, and focused on ADHD. Since then, he has treated nearly 4,000 ADHD patients, approximately equally divided between children and adults, ranging in age from 4 to 82.

Dr. Bailey is one of the earliest professional members of the national Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA), the only international organization exclusively for ADHD adults. He has served on its Professional Advisory Board since 2003 and was also on the board of the former Dr. Bailey and the Center for Attention & Learning were chosen to participate in early real-world research studies on both Adderall and Adderall XR when those drugs were first available.

Dr. Bailey has presented lectures on ADHD medications and treatment at national conventions of the ADDA and at the statewide University of Alabama ADHD conferences. He has also provided national webinars and teleconferences to physicians, patients, and parents on the treatment of ADHD.

With nearly 40 years of medical experience spread over family practice and psychiatry, Dr. Bailey is well equipped to deal with the impact of patients’ medical conditions on their ADHD and related diagnoses. The psychiatric and developmental conditions he treats are listed on our What We Treat page, but Dr. Bailey specializes in precise medication adjustments and in detection and management of associated conditions which often frustrate treatment.

His mission is in healing and help. His joy is in watching a child or adult realize they already have the means to reach their potential.

My Goal for Patients

In dealing with ADHD and related conditions since 1975, I have gradually come to the perspective that ADHD is not primarily a disease or disorder so much as it is a style of brain operation. It’s useful–and maybe necessary–for it to add its own types of determination, spontaneity, energy, wit, and creativity to the human race as a whole. ADHD gets labeled a problem because it doesn’t fit as well into our regulated society as it did into the world before.

I want my patients to know it requires ADHD hyperactives and ADD dreamers, working along with the “Attention Surplus” people, to keep the world moving forward. I want them to see the never taught perspective that many of the names in their 5th grade history books were in bold print because they had ADHD–but also to see that help may be needed to relieve the restlessness and boredom that cause problems at school, home, and work–and to allow ADHDers to do what they do best.

Again: ADHD is not a disorder but a variation of the human experience. Let our office help you or your child use it well!

Meet Our Staff

Our existing patients know us and realize we know their first names and that we really welcome them. But a new doctor and a new office can be intimidating to think about, whether or not you’ve had previous help in the psychological or psychiatric world. We know you’ll do better if you are comfortable and understand the process we need to go through to get a specialist’s view of your case. Before and after we do, you can rely on our staff to give you the information you need.


Office Manager

Candice is our well experienced Office Manager – she’s been with us for over 10 years and knows every patient and chart well. She heads our “mission-accomplished” department for all those unique situations which arise. Candice will cheerily take inquiries about an evaluation here for you or your child and will walk you through the process. She is well acquainted with the human side of every diagnosis we treat and will help make your visits go smoothly. Contact her at 251-342-6443 or by Email.


Accounts Manager

Molly is the Accounts Manager at the Center for Attention & Learning. Our office prides itself on keeping your financial and insurance affairs straight and accurate, and Molly is the perfect person for the job. If you have insurance, she’ll work hard to determine the specifics of your coverage and will explain them to you in English. She’ll has that special blend of patience and determination to get the details right and be pleasant in the process. Contact her at 251-342-6443 or by Email.