Evaluation & Treatment

There is a huge world of possible testings and treatments. No one needs everything, and a “do-everything-to-everybody” approach is not wise or practical – or affordable or even endurable.

First, we listen.
Then we think.
Then we check – and think again.
Then we educate.
Then you ask.
Then we treat.

Works better that way.

What evaluations might be necessary?

Our center does some of these evaluations and will guide you to the best sources. We will help with arrangements if evaluations are needed beyond those done in our office.

  • A hands-on medical check by our physician
  • A neurological exam
  • Family history evaluation
  • Blood tests for medical problems
  • Vitamin levels
  • Psychoeducational battery of testing for intelligence and/or achievement
  • LD and dyslexia testing
  • Hearing testing – an audiogram
  • Speech Therapy evaluation
  • Central Auditory Processing (CAPD) testing
  • Central Visual Processing Disorder (CVPD) testing
  • Visual sharpness testing (glasses?)
  • Color vision test
  • Visual tracking and other neuromuscular exams
  • Occupational Therapist evaluation of coordination
  • Genetics evaluation
  • Autism screening
  • EEG

What treatments might help?

When chosen, our center provides medication and close medical management for needed ADHD and psychiatric mediation. We arrange for and certify the need for agencies and professionals who provide treatments such as educational accommodations, counseling, or speech therapy.

  • ADHD coaching
  • Accommodations at school
  • Special educational services
  • Counseling
  • Medication
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Academic tutoring
  • Social skills training
  • Parenting training
  • Reading and dyslexia training
  • Assistive devices at school and/or home

We are happy to speak with you about the evaluations we perform and the services we provide.