“All that may come to my knowledge in the exercise
of my profession or in daily commerce with men,
which ought not to be spread abroad,
I will keep secret and will never reveal.”

Hippocratic Oath, 5th Century B.C. –

Dr. Bailey proudly took the Hippocratic Oath in 1975, long before there were federal laws adding to it. He insists that the Center for Attention & Learning recognize the sanctity of your personal information, medical and otherwise.

Notice of Privacy Practices

We know that privacy of your psychological and psychiatric records is particularly important to you. We display our privacy policy the (“NPP – Notice of Privacy Practices”) both here and in our office. You will also be offered a copy of the

Age and Privacy

We follow Alabama and federal consent laws. Because Alabama’s age of consent is 14, we must have the signature permission of all persons 14 and over in order to examine and treat and in most cases to release information. Insurance cannot be filed, information about medicines or educational accommodations cannot be given to schools or teachers, and in almost all cases psychiatric information cannot be released even to parents without the child’s signature or a special type of court order. Because maturity varies, it is our policy to require a parent’s co-signature on all such forms, other than restricted releases, until the patient is 18. An adult must sign financial responsibility forms.

While this law is often a burden, realize the state’s purpose is to allow a teenager to privately discuss issues they would not otherwise mention, even to parents. However, it does not prevent the physician from counseling the patient that discussion of the issues, parentally or privately, is wise.

Email Communications

The Center for Attention & Learning knows that email can be an easy means of communication with physicians and their offices. But it’s important that we emphasize security more than mutual convenience. So we use secure technology to reduce web dangers and to comply with federal requirements. All email communications to and from our office are encrypted at a high level. The only exception is your very first email to us, which we have no way to secure; so please do not include any personal or medical information in an initial email.  By law, we must retain all emails and webmails.

Disclaimer: No means of use of this website by you or us will or may ever be considered to create a doctor-patient relationship. Such can be formed only by mutual agreement after a patient is examined within our office. Educational information on this website is intended for general use only. On websites to which we link or which link to us, we do not endorse opinions nor vouch for the accuracy of statements thereon. More specifics about our email policy are contained in our email consent form and on our Email Policy page.