An Open Door

We exist only to help you.

An Open Mind

A style of brain operation isn’t always a disease.
There’s more than one way to operate a brain.


The diagnosis is in the details.

Experienced Help

Dr. Bailey has treated our target issues for over 3 decades – and exclusively since 1998.
4,000+ patients with ADHD and related conditions can teach a doctor a lot.

Recognized Expertise

Dr. Bailey has been on the Professional Advisory Board of the National Attention Deficit Disorder Association since 2003 and has lectured at their national conventions and at the University of Alabama ADHD Conferences. He was selected as a researcher for the early treatment studies for Adderall & Adderall XR.

A Broad Medical Background

Medical matters affect psych matters – and must be considered in treatment.
Dr. Bailey’s two decades of prior experience in Family Medicine is uncommon in the field of psychiatry and provides a wide medical perspective on both adults and children.

A Thorough Evaluation

We don’t assume – except that you want a full answer.

Clear Explanations

We love questions. We aren’t helping you if you don’t understand.

Modern Treatment

We study the latest discoveries and treatments.
Because new can be better. Or not.


…with the right to choose.
Not everyone needs a pill.

Precise Medication Adjustment

Because “I’m sort’a better” isn’t good enough.